Monday, October 3, 2016

woman divine blog has moved

I would like to let you know that Woman Divine blog has changed its location to here.
I hope you will come along:)
Thank you much and have a lovely week,

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Hi there:) I know, it has been a while... moving, renovations... to put it shortly there was no time or energy left for writing blog posts. I know you'll understand. Since Spring is here and I'm feeling human again, I thought I will say hello and share with you some good resources to help you with Spring cleansing if you wish to go ahead with it this season. Always a good idea.
Ok, so there are many great people offering great services and sometimes it is difficult to decide. I will give you my favourites.

Amy Longard Registered Holistic Nutritionist. You can find her here. Amy is a great, kind and caring person and very knowledgeable in the nutrition department. She does one on one consultations and offers all kinds of nutrition related workshops all around the city. If you want to take a good look at your diet and/or a Spring cleanse she is your person to book with.

Donna Davis is an avid athlete, yogi and nutrition coach. She is a very generous spirit, fun and down to earth. She periodically offers online programs geared at cleansing and nutrition. She runs a private Facebook group where people can ask questions, share recipes and such. If online is your thing you can find Donna here.

Urban Juice Press is a very cool place founded by Justin Gauthier. Their fresh pressed juices are organic, delicious and come in glass bottles:)  You can get a single juice or choose from various package options. You can buy their juices in shop at 340 Parkdale or online here. My personal humble opinion is that juicing is a great way to clean your system up, particularly in Spring and Fall.

SIMPLE AYURVEDIC KITCHARI CLEANSE is always nice to do.  The recipe is in the previous post I have written many moons ago:) you will find it here. I would add sprouts and bitters to my kitchari cleanse in the Spring.

If you feel that you want to have a serious check up and guidance from a naturopath here two great Ottawa doctors.

Dr. Kristy Lewis at Sage Wellness specializes in women's health.

Dr. Jan Dorrell at Keenan Health Centre.

Both doctors are wonderful, down to earth and a pleasure to work with.

Pure Kitchen is my absolutely favourite in town. Vegetarian with many vegan option and their fresh pressed juices are delicious. 'Healed' is my #1

When seasons change, it is a great time to get a face treatment and to take a look at your home routine. You know where to find me:)

So there you have it. I hope you find this helpful.
All best,

Ps. If you have not been to my new studio yet, I must tell you I really love it. It is bright and sunny and... I just love it!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015


I am not a fan of detoxifying diets in the midst of cold Canadian winter. Intuitively it does not feel like a right thing to do while my body is doing all it can to stay warm. But we often feel heavier and less energetic by the time February strolls in... I know I do.
If you feel like integrity of your diet is questionable and you would like to help your body feel more alive but do not wish to wait until Spring (a more appropriate time of the year for body cleansing and detox), you can do something about it now.
Kitchari is the answer:)  This Ayurveda inspired warm soup that I make is delicious, very satisfying and is an amazing source of nutrients. Easy to digest and assimilate kitchari taken as a mono diet gives a perfect break to your digestive system while feeding you well and keeping you warm.

Kitchari- healing food

1/2 cup                                           Brown Basmati Rice
1 cup                                              Mung Dhal (split yellow) or whole if you are not prone to                                                                gas 
6 cups                                            Water
1/2 to 1 inch                                   Fresh Ginger grated or chopped
1/4 tsp                                            Pink Himalayan Salt
2 tsp                                               Ghee or Olive Oil
1/2 tsp                                            Coriander Powder
1/2 tsp                                            Cumin Powder
1/2 tsp                                            Whole Cumin Seeds
1/2 tsp                                            Mustard Seeds
1/2 tsp                                            Turmeric Powder
handful                                           Fresh Cilantro Leaves
2 cups                                            Assorted Vegetables ( I like to add kale asparagus and                                                                 broccoli)

Carefully pick over rice and dal to remove any stones. 
Wash each separately. 
Add the 6 cups of water to the rice and dal and cook covered until it becomes soft.
While that is cooking, prepare vegetables. Cut them into smallish pieces. Add the vegetables to the cooked rice and dal mixture and cook 10 minutes longer.
In a separate saucepan, sauté the seeds in the ghee until they pop. 
Then add the other spices. 
Stir together to release the flavours. 
Stir the sautéed spices into the cooked dal, rice, and vegetable mixture. 
Add the mineral salt and chopped fresh cilantro and serve.

You can eat it for a week or two, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Drink plenty of purified water. You can add a glass of freshly squeezed vegetable green juice with some warming ginger to add more nutrients, if you wish. 
It is a lovely, easy to prepare and healing meal. If you are feeling a need to give your body a break this is a perfect choice during cold winter months.

Friday, January 9, 2015


By now you are probably feeling dry all over and your skin is screaming for some extra oil.  
Indoor heating, extra layers of clothing... same story every winter. 
You can slap some oil on just to improve the skin hydration 
or, I have a better idea.
A bit more involving but a whole lot more rewarding:)
body and face oils in Ottawa
You will need:
a natural bristle brush
oil or body balm (preferably specific to your body type and needs... I can help you with this) 
and about 20minutes of your time.
Best to practice in the morning... it is invigorating and will make you feel all tingly.
Start with the dry brush:
run it up your body starting with the feet and legs, hands and arms and the rest.
it is not brain surgery... simple upward or circular strokes will do.
Do not be too rough. gentle does it!
You can jump in the shower when you are done
or use a warm damp cloth to wipe of the loose dead skin cells still lingering on.
You are ready for a self massage now.
Warmed up oil feels amazing and works great on dry skin.
Drop a small bottle of oil into hot water, wait few minutes and there you have it.
Start with your head, working down all the way to your toes. Be generous with the oil... it is good for you.
Take your time, massage gently and increase the pressure to what feels right for you.
Self massage or Abhyanga in sanskrit is a daily Ayurvedic practice. 
'Aba' means glow and Anga means 'limbs'.
Benefits of daily Abhyanga : improved sleep, well nourished tissues, healthy skin...
If you do it daily your skin will be very happy and it will feel like a baby's bottom and that's a promise.
If you would like to indulge in an organic handcrafted body oil here is more info.
Not to brag but my latest Cardamon Rose Body Balm is luxurious and smells divine.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Recently, I have discovered this delicious spiced tea by Numi Organic Tea ... In a pretty cup,  I make it as a latte with frothed almond milk and a good sprinkle of cinnamon. I feel like a little girl drinking it. Not sure why, it just makes me feel good inside. Sometimes when I sit down to have my cup of delight, I ponder a bit on the year almost gone by.

I am so very GRATEFUL for my work and people who 'put their beauty in my hands'. Some of the clients have been coming to see me for nearly 20 years. We share many laughs, a few tears and a passion for pure non-pretentious, relaxing beauty care with a soul. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your continuous support! I consider myself very lucky!

It is safe to say it was a busy, challenging year; Full of creative ideas few of which turned into reality and many more still waiting to be pursued.
1. I was able to design a few new handcrafted skin care formulas  and the following are the principal blends: Protective Face Balm, Cell Regenerating Face oil, Soothing Face Oil, a Lip Balm and the latest addition - the Cardamon Rose Body Balm. I am learning a lot as I go along and I am loving oils and herbs more and more. It is a complete pleasure to formulate products in small batches for women I know. I am still tweaking the labels and packaging but should have it sorted out soon. 
2. I have finally found pure long strand Mulberry silk pillow cases!!! It took two years to find the real deal... I almost gave up  a few times in the process. I am very glad I did not and many clients say they will never sleep on anything else but their silk. Mission accomplished!!!
3. We had some renos in the building and woman divine studio got a fresh coat of paint and a new lovely cabinet in the treatment room. I am still working on organizing the aromatic dispensary area in my little space... work in progress...
4. I held a few workshops - Face Yoga and The Art of Oils. It has been a dream to share my knowledge in group settings. I have been putting it off simply from lack of confidence in my public speaking ability...I have done only a few here and there in the past. This year the desire was too strong to ignore. I am enjoying teaching very much and so far I have received lots of positive feedback and a full class for each workshop taught. Thank you to all who come and share in my passion for oils and for the Woman Divine Mindful Beauty Practice vision. More workshops are coming in the 2015.
5. We (myself, woman divine and the oils) have made it into the Ottawa Citizen and the National Post. I am deeply thankful to Janet Wilson from the Ottawa Citizen for a great article and to all the women who found their way to woman divine and my aromatic skin care thanks to this very article. 
6. Thanks to all of you and your generous support by promoting my services to your friends and family members, my practice is thriving! 

As this year ends I feel thankful. At the same time I look ahead to the new year and many ideas I wish to implement. But before I do anything else, I will be taking off to Poland for the Christmas Holidays to be with my family and to immerse myself into the relationships and the environment of my childhood. I am packing my balms and oils and the Winter Spice Numi Tea.  I am sure some serious pondering will happen over the cup while in my mom's flat in Warsaw. 

I wish you an amazing Holiday Season! Have lots of fun and keep safe wherever you go!
I hope the New Year will bring lots of love, peace and prosperity to all.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Magdalena Tomczak, owner of Woman Divine, makes her own skincare line depending on the person's skin type.
Jean Levac / Ottawa Citizen
Magdalena Tomczak looks intently at my face, scanning for blemishes while running her fingertips across my cheekbones and forehead. I nod when she asks whether I have a headache.
“I can see it on your face, the stress around your eyes,” says the holistic skin therapist and aromatherapist. “For each client, I make an individual blend from my staples based on what is appropriate, based on your skin on any given day.”
Tomczak plucks ingredients — her handmade concoctions in pretty glass bottles of varying sizes — from a nearby counter to use in my face massage. She is a master at judging skin types and curtailing the treatment to fix any issue.
“Vegetable oils and essential oils are very effective skin remedies and form the base of the majority of organic skincare products you find on the market today.
“They definitely are indispensable in my practice,” says Tomczak, whose welcoming Westboro spa is called Woman Divine (
As the cold weather sets in, I’m here to get a lesson on oils.
Growing up in Poland, Tomczak says it was not uncommon for her mother to get monthly half-hour face massages.
“Sadly, training in North America focuses more on product application than massage.”
“It is an old European remedy for aging skin and has played a prominent role in the Eastern practice of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Face massage is the No. 1 aging preventative technique,” she says.
Nutrient-rich oils provide a pleasing lubrication during a face massage and hydration for those with dry skin.
Tomczak says massage helps to carry the oils with all of their benefits deep into the skin. With so many skincare products to choose from, she recommends you keep it simple and purchase only quality products or even make your own.
“It is good to get creams from someone who knows what they are doing. Base oil on its own is a great way to start and has plenty to offer. If you want to make your own concoction for every teaspoon of vegetable oil, only add a few drops of essential oil.”
In recent years, argan oil has been hailed as liquid gold and a miracle cure for a host of skin conditions. It has also spelled big business for the beauty industry. Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, pure argan oil (harvested from the nut of an argania spinosa tree) was used by Moroccan women to hydrate their skin and to fight the effects of the relentless desert sun. It is said to reduce inflammation, minimize wrinkles and treat acne.
Tomczak began practising holistic skincare in 1996 and opened her business in 2008, merging her background in massage therapy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and nutrition.
For my treatment, she used a gentle blend of “solar-infused” chamomile flowers in jojoba oil with a touch of argan oil to treat my slightly sensitive skin.
She explained that her flower concoction was made over a period of eight weeks with exposure to the sun and moonlight and stirred daily.
“Chamomile is soothing for both the skin and the nervous system. Since you have mentioned you were stressed, I felt this would be a nice one to use. The chamomile flowers I used are from a local organic herb grower and a lovely lady — Judy of Judy’s Organic Herbs. Both the jojoba and argan oils are organic cold-pressed and unrefined, keeping things simple, effective and beautiful.
“A lot of love goes into making infusions like this one.”
Before purchasing essential oils, Tomczak recommends checking labels for the Latin name and meaning and choosing oils made from organic or wild-crafted plants.
“There are often many species of the same plant. Oils produced from each species are different in their biochemical composition, which determines the healing properties of each oil.”
One of her favourite ingredients is organic sunflower oil from Les Huiles d’Amérique, a farm outside of Montreal.


“I use this oil in my treatments and in few of my formulas. It is one of the ingredients in my face balm. I also use it in my kitchen. It is very tasty.”
Another item she says everyone should own is a silk pillow, which keeps the face fresh and aids in your sleep. “Cotton tugs and sucks the moisture from the delicate skin on your face and neck.
“When you think of the health of your skin, remember that your body has basic needs: good food, sleep, fresh air and exercise. We need to be kind to ourselves.”
What: Magdalena Tomczak explores oils and shows how to select the ones that are right for you.
When & where: Dec. 1, 6 p.m.
Woman Divine, 351 Churchill Ave. N.
Price: $20, 613-216-7676 or email
Magdalena Tomczak offers custom-tailored essential and vegetable oil formulas designed for the face, body, hair, feet, hands or bath.
Magdalena Tomczak offers custom-tailored essential and vegetable oil formulas designed for the face, body, hair, feet, hands or bath.
Jean Levac / Ottawa Citizen


1. Vegetable oil
Yes, you could cook with it. Oils pressed from unrefined and organic seeds and nuts, such as argan, sunflower and camellia, have been used on the skin around the world for centuries and have been picking up steam in North America over the past decade. “Oil is full of vitamins A, E, D and K as well as essential fatty acids.”
2. Essential oils
Known as the most concentrated form of herbal medicine, essential oils are produced by the process of distillation to get the essence of the plants. Essential oils offer impressive healing possibilities in skincare in balancing, regenerating, astringent, antiseptic and soothing action and protection of the skin, Tomczak says. “Some of the most lovely oils for the skin and for skin-cell regeneration are carrot oil and frankincense.”

Oils & skin types

Base oil: Rose hip, argan
Essential oil: Carrot seed, rosewood
COMBO SKIN (dry and oily)
Base oil: Sunflower, jojoba, camilla
Essential oil: Chamomile, ylang ylang
Base oil: Grape seed oil, jojoba
Essential oil: Lavender, rosemary

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Your face is magic... complex and dynamic, it tells your story, communicates your emotions and connects you to the world around you.
Its beauty runs way deeper than ‘perfect’ features and the care it requires is different from that of the latest cream.
Your face is asking you to pay attention.
The Face Yoga workshop is an innovative offering to teach you how to lovingly, confidently and with purpose care for yourself by harnessing the wisdom of your face.
No need ever again to fall for the ‘latest and bestest’ in skin care. No need to feel intimidated or to attempt to fit into the existing model of beauty.
The Face Yoga workshop will give you tools to practice beauty mindfully according to your very personal needs.
It will empower, inspire and motivate you to love your face, claim your beauty and to wear it with grace and confidence.
The creator of Face Yoga workshop:
Magdalena Tomczak is a holistic skin care therapist and owner of Woman Divine.
Magdalena’s busy practice spans over 20 years and it focuses solely on the treatments for the face. In her work Magdalena draws on an eclectic background in massage therapy, nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and a great love for Eastern health and beauty practices, Ayurveda in particular.